Hourly rate
Catered to your deadlines and scope of work. We take into account all of the nuances to determine the timing of every project
1 hour
from $35
Outstuff support
Perfect for follow up tasks or iterations to your existing projects. We will be providing help with any outstanding tasks 24/7
16+ hours
from $800
It can be easier to break down more complex projects into sprints. On average, we tend to finish lengthy projects in 2 or 3 sprints
40+ hours
from $2000

Our stack

Special Projects
Gamification, longreads, contests and interactive design. We come up with extraordinary ideas and design to engage your users
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Web Development
Investor Relations websites, landing pages, online platforms or E-commerce stores — we do them all with thorough research and quick turnaround
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We are always looking for new forms and meanings to make your brand stand out. A Ménage à Trois arrangement between your brand, your story and your audience
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Always ready to provide timely technical support through mercury retrogrades and recessions
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And many more from our toolbox
Draw illustrations, create 3D animation, buld no-code websites, draft userflow and interface, develop mobile application and much more...
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