Miscelaneous issues or tasks come up from time to time and sometimes there is not enough resources or a dessignated person to tackle them. We are ready to allocate our team for regular maintaince, execution or implementation of your projects. Will support you at any time of the day (and night)

What it will look like?

We are available when you need us with prompt communication and strict timelines. Flat hourly rate for convenience.

If you decide on 16 hours of support from our team per month, that means that once summoned we will get to the task in a matter of 15 minutes or even less. We will quickly evaluate the scope and set exact timelines. The rate for the support from all of our team is kept the same at only $50 per hour. You can always adjust the amount of support hours you will need at the beggining of the month, as the unused hours would not transiton into the next monthl
Whole design and dev team hourly rate

Technical support — we will take care of your site content and its infrastructure after the launch

We can improve some functionality, add features and plugins and fix and performance issues (bugs, system errors). Will also help set up and manage your website hosting
Outstaff support for AB Inbev Efes

Design support and implementation by multi-stack specialist

Perfect if you are anticipating an ongoing need of a creative team on your project
Design and technical support for Deutsche Bank
When do you need to Outstaff?
For urgent tasks that need to be tackled from time to time, or if you don’t have the designated staff on your team to complete them

Content support — editors, translators and copywriters at hand

Relevant for forums, events or competitions — anything where you need to frequently edit the content. As an example, we have been supporting one of the largest e-com forums in Russia for several years in a row: we updated statistics, uploaded photos, revised text, modified the program mechanics, and much more
Design and technical support for Ozon
Ping us and we will advise you on scope and budget or provide you with our expert advice

Our stack

Special Projects
Gamification, longreads, contests and interactive design. We come up with extraordinary ideas and design to engage your users
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Web Development
Investor Relations websites, landing pages, online platforms or E-commerce stores — we do them all with thorough research and quick turnaround
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We are always looking for new forms and meanings to make your brand stand out. A Ménage à Trois arrangement between your brand, your story and your audience
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And many more from our toolbox
Draw illustrations, create 3D animation, buld no-code websites, draft userflow and interface, develop mobile application and much more...
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