Everyone needs to start somewhere. We will shape your brand’s visual identity with desired associations and a memorable message. As a result, your brand will get: a logo, a style-forming element (pattern), a font, a color palette, and a short guide for use
from 10 days
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D
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Building out your branding, sprint by sprint


Analyze competive environment and determine brand positioning

We will research current trends, competitors, as well as potential target audiences and their associations with your brand. This is a critical step to determine your brand’s visual positioning and emotional appeals
Competitor research

Assemble Moodboard

We will gather references and assemble them into moodboard. This will give a sort of style direction for our further developments

Create 3 visual concepts to chose from

Focusing on your brand’s values and desired visual preferences, we will use the insights from the first sprint to derive 3 concepts. Ideas are usually based of a metaphor, which at the same time can be easily interpreted by your audience. Every concept will include:
  • logo
  • pattern illustration
  • color schemes
  • font
This is how it will look like

Finalize brand identity

After we alligned on the concept, we will finalize all of the designs and tie them into your brand identity. You can track the design process in FIgma and give feedback in real time. We will show you how the designs will look in their natural habitat through mockups
Brand identity example

Standardize use for your branding components to ensure consistency and recognition

We will make all the necessary edits and prepare a manual for your brand guide’s contents. It will describe ideal dimensions for your logos, provide visual examples for patterns and color schemes and advise you on font formatting. The brandbook will also inlude thorough descriprion of the brand’s tone and personality
Ping us and we will advise you on scope and budget or provide you with our expert advice

Our stack

Special Projects
Gamification, longreads, contests and interactive design. We come up with extraordinary ideas and design to engage your users
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Web Development
Investor Relations websites, landing pages, online platforms or E-commerce stores — we do them all with thorough research and quick turnaround
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Always ready to provide timely technical support through mercury retrogrades and recessions
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And many more from our toolbox
Draw illustrations, create 3D animation, buld no-code websites, draft userflow and interface, develop mobile application and much more...
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