Web Development

We will come up with 3 distinct concepts to choose from. At this scale, we will design, write copy, integrate the website and launch it on the domain of your choice. A one-page website with the unique design will be ready in a week or two — depending on the complexity of the design integration, number of animations and «wow»- elements
from 7 days
JavaScript (React)
Go (Golang)
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Ozon Care
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MTS Stress

Our web development process. The timing of each stage may vary depending on the scale of each project, but our approach to web development will stay consistent and transparent


Discover: onboard and submit technical brief

This step is essential for us to ensure we are aligned on your goals and know your audience, their pain points and expectations. We will bring structure to all of the gathered insights, present a project timeline and a detailed technical brief. This document will become the foundation for our partnership.

Research: provide references and a moodboard

This step will help us determine an ideal design strategy through market research and competitor analysis. We will outline best practices, differentiating factors and potential optimisations visually and textually. During the 1st sprint, we will consider all of the mechanics for the future implementation of the project. We will also provide a moodboard to set a style direction
Research example

Prototype: mock-up and optimize the user flow

An important step which addresses the structure, navigation and user flow of your future website. We will sketch a prototype, discuss potential user interaction’ scenarios and play devil’s advocate with every block and element. Main goal is to simplify navigation making it intuitive for users
How long is
1 sprint?
A time period during which our team collaborates to implement a specific pool of tasks. For us 1 sprint is 40 hours

Conceptualize: deliver three ideas in total

Every memorable visual execution has a logical idea or a metaphor behind it. We will bring you several ideas and you will choose the one that makes the most sense for your users
Concept Presentation

Design: finalize and adapt user interface

We will design the final user interface of your website and provide you with a UI kit. We usually start with the desktop version and then move to mobile and tablet interfaces, as well as any other desired screens. If you do not own a brandbook or guide, we will present you with 3 color schemes to select from. The actual style of the website will be based on our recommendationds after the 1st sprint and the references provided
Actual layout in Figma

Assemble: build the website and set up CMS

CMS is the heart of the website, while web interface is the appearance. We transfer the approved design in sprint 3 into code and animate any elements that make sense. During development we will share a test link to ensure you are up to date on our progress. While building the website, we will set up CMS — content management system that will allow you to change the content of your website without any technical programming skills. Do not worry, we will walk you through and provide written instructions if needed
The internal organisation

Finalize: test, integrate tracking, set up hosting and domain. We are ready to launch!

The work is almost done. We will address any remaining issues, fix bugs and fill your website with content. A typographer will ensure the position of all unions and prepositions is correct to keep your website and brand credible. We will confirm that the website is working correctly across all of the popular browsers, as well as access the loading speed. As part of the final sprint, we will be setting up the required metrics and pixels. After your final approval, your site will be ready to enter the world wide web
Ping us and we will advise you on scope and budget or provide you with our expert advice

Our stack

Special Projects
Gamification, longreads, contests and interactive design. We come up with extraordinary ideas and design to engage your users
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We are always looking for new forms and meanings to make your brand stand out. A Ménage à Trois arrangement between your brand, your story and your audience
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Always ready to provide timely technical support through mercury retrogrades and recessions
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And many more from our toolbox
Draw illustrations, create 3D animation, buld no-code websites, draft userflow and interface, develop mobile application and much more...
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